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Texas RINOs Are Stampeding with Democrats On Gun Rights

The recent shootings in Midland-Odessa, El Paso, and Dayton predictably got the anti-gun media and politicians riled up again. This time though, Lt. Gov Dan Patrick (R-TX) appears to have gotten swept up in the moral panic. In a recent interview, Patrick got on the air with KYFO's Chad Hasty to explain his push for background checks for private firearm purchases.

To summarize, Mr. Patrick seems to believe that being able to purchase a used firearm from someone you don't know poses a high risk of being used by criminals, although he doesn't give any specifics as to why. You may have heard this number before, under the name "gun show loophole" or "universal background check" from a Democrat near you. Listening to the broadcast, it's clear that the Lt. Governor is very aware of the fact that his argument is a frequent Democrat talking point as well. He spent a few minutes claiming a pro-2A resume and a list of laws recently passed that incrementally improved some aspects of gun rights for Texans. What he did not mention in his litany of accolades was the fact that the single most important piece of firearms legislation on the Texas legislative docket, HB 357 (constitutional carry), was allowed to die in committee earlier this year.

In simpler terms, it looks like Dan Patrick, Dennis Bonnen, and other RINO ilk are tossing Texas gun owners scraps while trying to downplay the potential impact of a major policy shift they are pushing.

The reason that this probably sounds familiar is that it should sound familiar to anyone with a stake in the war for our natural rights. Mass shootings have everything to do with the media; the shooters want fame, the left wants control over the population, and like clockwork every time one happens, the opportunists on the left push their agenda. Regardless of his past work, as one Houston Chronicle writer puts it, "Patrick is willing to pivot when the public mood shifts, especially if it’s in his political interest." And listening to him today, it sounds like he believes that it is in his political interest to push for universal background checks, even going so far as to say that only one person has told him that they believe he's doing the wrong thing.

Most importantly, what is being proposed is a non-starter. While the Lt. Governor claims that a background check on private transactions would not result in a gun registry, even the NRA (who has supported every single gun control law on the books since 1934) knows better than he does - that simply is not realistic.

In order for a law to have any teeth it must have penalties and an enforcement mechanism, necessitating a paper trail that includes information about both the owner and purchaser, tied to make, model, and serial number. There's simply no other way to trace the sale of a firearm, and without it no way to enforce compliance with the law.

The stated goal of these machinations, regardless of how realistic they are, is to make Texans safer, and we haven't seen any evidence of this either. None of the legal roadblocks being suggested right now would have stopped the Walmart shooting in El Paso. As far as anyone else and the law were aware, he was a normal person - red flag laws wouldn't have helped here either. It's dubious that Midland would have gone any differently either, and the Gilroy Garlic Festival shootings proved that even the draconian gun laws of California will not stop a determined shooter.

All this aside, on any given day you're 685 times more likely to die from a doctor's mistake than from a rifle, but let's not let facts get in the way of the spread of fear-based propaganda. After all, we cannot let a good crisis go to waste, can we?

Signing our petition and joining us in our fight is a necessity! Republicans might control the Texas Legislature, but they will be passing these Obama-era gun control measures if we sit idly by and expect them to protect our natural rights. Our petition sends a powerful message when they are dumped on a lawmaker's desk, and your membership funds our fight on all fronts. Join LSGR today, and sign our petition. Together, we will make Texas pro-gun again!

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