Texas Sheriff Seeks to Establish Second Amendment Sanctuary County

Texas Sheriff Roger Deeds seeks to introduce a second amendment sanctuary in Texas Hood County. Mr. Deed indicated that many people were afraid of losing their rights to bear firearm. He said that he was dedicated to ensuring that the people retained those rights as guaranteed in the constitution.

Sheriff Deeds added that he is positive the proposal will pass and allow his county to join the rest of the Second Amendment sanctuaries across the country. According to him, the proposal has received widespread support from judges and county commissioners.

The county sheriff said that the so-called gun-related problems were indeed mental health problems, though LSGR views “mental health” as too broad of an issue for any level of government to regulate in regards to firearms. Not only that, but it is our view that since a natural right does not come from government, the government has no authority to regulate its exercise in any way.

Deed said that the County did not support anybody including the government taking people’s guns away from them. He added that he was not going to watch as the government confiscated people’s firearms.

“I’m not going to stand by and allow anybody, if it’s the federal government or whoever, stating that they’re going to take away people’s rifles,” he said.

“We’re not going to be messing with the Second Amendment in Hood County,” Mr. Deed added.

Apart from Hood County, over 500 other counties have declared 2A sanctuaries hence allowing citizens to bear firearms within their borders. Such counties include others within Texas such as Presidio and Hudspeth.

The “Second Amendment Sanctuary” involves declaration by the jurisdictions not to cooperate with the state in enforcing firearm regulations that they deem as illegal. The term mirrors the “Sanctuary Cities” declared by democrats in opposition to the deportation orders of illegal aliens.

Texas' state laws on our natural rights are embarrassing, as we have been ranked 29th for gun rights by the Cato Institute. This is why your membership is so important. Join LSGR today and help us fight to make Texas the benchmark for our natural right to bear arms. We do not compromise, and will fight to repeal every single infringement.

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