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Texas to LEGALIZE - Brass Knuckles, Clubs, Tomahawks, and more.

HB446 is currently heading to the Governor's Desk to be signed into law. Representative Moody has authored HB446 (Co-authored by rep. Stickland) that removes KNUCKLES from the prohibited list in Sec 46.05(A)(2). State Rep Moody has stated that he filed HB446 because he had seen news of a female being arrested for the possession of a self-defense keychain tool that falls under the Legal Classification of Knuckles.


HB446 is currently heading to the Governor's Desk to be signed into law. The 86th Legislative Session in Texas is looking to claim another 2nd Amendment victory led by a Democratic Lawmaker meanwhile, the Republican Leadership has killed the Republican Party of Texas's #1 Priority of Constitutional Carry HB357 filed by Rep. Stickland.

During the 85th Legislative Session Lone Star Gun Rights worked hard to pass "The Texas Knife Bill HB1935" that in a nutshell removed nearly all the Prohibited language off the books in regards to most edged "weapons". Many people have expressed that the passage of HB1935 which was ironically lead as well by Democrats was the biggest 2nd Amendment victory Texas has seen since the passage of the original C.H.L. Program in 1995 since it removed so much Prohibited Weapon language off the books.

HB446 is a extention to HB1935 as Trench Knives fall under the knuckle Classification and as you will read HB446 removes more than just Knuckles off the Prohibited Weapons List in Texas.

On 3/4/19 the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee held a hearing with HB446 on its agenda. The witness list for the hearing shows 17 registered in support with zero registered in opposition. AJ Postell co-founder of L.S.G.R. was one of only two people who verbally testified at the hearing. AJ stating that "Texan's should not be considered criminals for the mere possession of a object they are legally allowed to buy and own, and that we should only be a criminal with a criminal act to which we already have laws on the books to support". The "Knuck Bill" shortly passed out of Committee with a unanimous vote of 9-0 in support of the bill.


The "Knuck Bill" headed to the Texas House floor on 4/11/19 where State Rep.Tinderholt offered up a amendment to also remove the prohibited "club" language off the books as well. The "CLUB" amendment was well received and accepted by the"Knuck Bill" author Moody. Lone Star Gun Rights was in full support of the amendment as AJ Postell suggested this very amendment and others to include: Chemical Dispersing Device, Tire Deflation Device, and others to many State Reps as Amendment options to enhance the bill.

It appears our suggestions did not fall on deaf ears as "Clubs" are now included on the "Knuck Bill".

The Texas Penal Code 46.01 (1) defines Club as follows:

  • (1) “Club” means an instrument that is specially designed, made, or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury or death by striking a person with the instrument, and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • (A) blackjack;

  • (B) nightstick;

  • (C) mace;

  • (D) tomahawk.

AJ Postell shown w/ Rescue Hawk used in recent Disaster Relief efforts in Texas

The House went on to have a vote for its 3rd passage of the "Knuck Bill". The Vote was recorded and showed "147 Yeas - 0 Nays".


Senate Criminal Justice Committee Hearing for HB446 Knuck Bill

The "Knuck Bill" then headed to the Senate and was assigned to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee where it held a hearing on 5/08/19 the witness list shows 2 people registered in support (1 of which again is AJ Postell co-founder of LSGR) . Similar to the house the Knuck Bill had Zero opposition and was Voted out of the Senate Committee with a vote of 5 to 0.


The bill was sent to "Local & Uncontested" for the next and final vote for the bill. That vote happened on 5/15/19 with a unanimous vote of "31 Yeas - 0 Nays". The Bill now heads to Governor Abbott's desk to be signed into law.

As long as Gov. Abbott does not Veto the bill it will become law on September 1st, 2019. With all the Bi-Partisan support on HB446 we feel confident that Governor Abbott will allow this to become law.


Please Consider becoming a member of Lone Star Gun Rights today! By becoming a "Lone Star Gunner" you keep us in the fight for the restoration of your rights. Lone Star Gun Rights is transpartisan so our mission stays focused on the natural rights of Texans, rather than the agendas of political figures and special interest groups. Since our constitution exists to enumerate the rights of every citizen in mind, our approach is never exclusive. We proudly welcome folks of all manner, mean and mode, who are passionate in joining the fight for a freer, safer Texas. Instead of wasting resources negotiating our rights with politicians, we demand that they are recognized. Taking this straightforward, transparent approach keeps our target in sight, frees us from backpedaling, so that we act fast. Put plainly, we don't settle for figureheads, we empower individual liberty!


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Pics Provided by: Terry Shanks Knives (Ft Worth, Texas) Instagram @terryshanks

(For Knuckles/Saps )

Link to our Video on HB1935 "Texas Knife Bill

Link to the "Knuck Bills' language and Tracking

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