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Texas Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Attempting A Break-In

A woman in Beaumont, Texas, fatally shot her ex-boyfriend who attempted to break into her house as she called 911. The woman fired the gun in the direction of the trespasser, striking him once on the chest. Officer Haley Morrow said that the suspect died on the scene.

The deceased was from Georgia having traveled over 1,000 miles to gain entry in the ex-lover’s house by force. It seems that his motives were far from good. The woman had to make a tough decision and she made the right call. Thankfully, she had the means didn’t have to wait helplessly for the police to come and collect her body.

About 35% of women are killed after they left an abusive relationship. This is the most vulnerable point in their lives. They may have a piece of paper (restraining order) telling their abusers to stay away, but that doesn’t guarantee their safety. Abusive ex-lovers will always come calling and its worse if the woman has no means of defending themselves.

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The absence of guns doesn’t necessarily mean that the female victim would be safe. Strangulation remains the most common cause of death of abused women.

A perfect example includes Michael Turner who was fatally by his ex-lover in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2017. Turner beat his ex-lover to a pulp, strangling her until she became unconscious. When she recovered and tried calling the police, he descended on her again.

However, the woman learned her lesson and procured a firearm. When he returned and tried breaking in, the woman shot him multiple times killing him instantly.

Generally, about 2.5 million women use firearms to defend themselves from various forms of attacks including rape. However, that doesn’t prevent anti-gunners from trying to convince us that getting rid of firearms would make women safe.


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