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The 2A Triumphs as NH Gov's Veto is Upheld!

Legislators upheld the second amendment after attempts to override the governor’s veto on several gun control bills died on the floor of the house.

The three gun control bills had passed but encountered a major hurdle after Governor Chris Sununu vetoed all of them. The gun control obsessed representatives sought to override his veto but failed overwhelmingly.

House Bill 109 sought to prohibit the transfer of private firearms by almost all means. The bill would have made it mandatory for all transfers including privates ones to go through Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL). The bill went short of declaring all gun transactions as commercial sales.

House Bill 514 sought to impose a three-day business days waiting period for firearm purchases. This would have made it difficult for citizens to react quickly to defend themselves in the face of impending danger by having to wait.

House Bill 564 intended to prohibit citizens from carrying firearms for self-defense while on school grounds. The only exception was when ferrying students, in which case the gun had to remain in the vehicle. In such cases, it would have been impossible to law-abiding citizens to defend themselves while on school grounds considering that some shootings have taken place in such places.

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch, labeled the bill as an arbitrary gun-grabbing legislation, considering that New Hampshire is one of the safest states despite its liberal gun ownership rules. He termed the bills are “trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist."

The house representatives voted overwhelmingly to maintain Gov. Sununu’s veto. The failure to overturn the veto marked one of the major setbacks in the Democratic attempts to undermine the natural rights of citizens to bear firearms as protected by the second amendment.

Join LSGR today and help us fight the RINOs in Austin. While New Hampshire is vetoing gun control, our Lt. Gov. is calling for more! We cannot let this happen!

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