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The ATF Targeted More Companies, Gun Owners, In Recent Crackdown On "Ghost Guns"

ATF's polymer80’s raid was just one similar visits, most of which went unreported. The agency targeted multiple companies including Brownells which sells 80 percent receivers, excluding the “Build, Buy, Shoot” kit.

The company Brownells was advised to avoid transferring any of the kits and to contact the ATF to investigate any such transfers. Ammoland reported that ATF field agents were instructed to report any sighting of the Polymer80's kits to determine “whether it is appropriate to begin a criminal investigation regarding that kit."

“The ATF did visit our facility on Thursday, December 10, 2020,” said Brownells Marketing VP Ryan Repp. “It’s my understanding they inquired about our sales of the Polymer 80 ‘Buy, Build, Shoot’ kit. Brownells has not and does not sell that kit. Polymer 80 continues to be a great partner for Brownells. We proudly sell their 80% products and other parts."

The Firearm Blog also reported that gun owners were forced to surrender their Polymer80's gun kits.

"They are also going after customers. Had ATF at my house approximately 1 p.m. yesterday telling me I need to surrender my P80 or he would return to raid my house with a warrant,” a reader said. “Enclosed is my surrender sheet for proof. If anyone purchased a ‘Buy, Build, Shoot’ kit from them they will probably be hearing from the ATF as well"

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Additionally, the agency was demanding customer records of people who purchased the gun kits.

ATF demands a serial number and background checks for gun kits containing the “bolts and nuts” for making a complete firearm. It's always been legal for non-prohibited persons to buy the kit to make a firearm for personal use.

Gun owners are only required to submit records when selling completed firearms, which takes a lot of effort including drilling, assembling, and obtaining more parts. However, using its non-public standards based on the “you’ll know it when you see it” approach, the ATF determined that DIY kits are indeed firearms.

The ATF used the same approach to determine that “Honey Badger” pistols were short-barreled rifles and that SB Tactical’s pistol braces were stocks.

Using this approach, gun owners can hardly rest easy considering they don’t know when the ATF agents would pay them a visit for breaking one of its non-public standards enacted overnight.


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