The Most Pro-2A Democratic Congressman Loses To A "Gun-Sense" Republican

Being a Democrat and pro-Second Amendment is a rarity. This is despite the 2A rights being party agnostic. Most Democrats put their party loyalty ahead of the constitution. Consequently, finding a genuine pro-2A Democrat is almost impossible.

However, one Democrat went against the grain and proved himself as a true defender of the Second Amendment rights. Now that Democrat lost to a “gun-sense” Republican after representing his rural Congressional District for almost three decades.

It was a battle for the titans between Minnesota House of Representatives Democrat Collin Peterson and his Republican challenger Michelle Fischbach for the 7th Congressional District.

Peterson has a long history representing the vast Northern District since 1991, almost three decades ago. Similarly, Fischbach had a long political career, serving as the former state senator for 22 years and as Lt. Governor for 1 year.

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Although Peterson was more pro-gun than Fischbach who is considered a "gun sense" Republican, both received “A” rating, the highest score for supporting the Second Amendment rights. Consequently, both individuals ran the campaign on an equal footing.

Fischbach, 55, had an easier time linking Peterson, 77, with Nancy Pelosi, anti-gun Democrats, and the extreme Left. However, these accusations were just a political strategy given that Peterson voted against abortion, opposed Trump’s impeachment, and supported gun rights.

As an old Democrat representing a rural district, Peterson could not embrace the form of radicalism witnessed in the more urban Democrats. However, being associated with the party supporting lawlessness, abortion, and the violation of American second amendment rights, undermined his campaign and put him in a defensive position.

Given that Fischbach served in the Senate almost as long as Peterson's tenure in Congress, both candidates had an equal chance of winning. However, Fischbach’s party affiliation made her the better candidate to represent the residents of the Seventh Congressional District.

This, however, does not diminish Peterson's legacy in defending the Second Amendment rights of Americans despite his unfavorable party ties. Perhaps it's time the Democratic Party adopted better policies so that Americans vote for individuals instead of parties. But that's too much to ask for a party that thrives on division.

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