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The Revolution of the Gun Retail Industry

Members of the National Shooting Sports Foundations (NSSF) are in the process of trying to change the public’s view of firearms dealing and trading. Its members include manufacturers, distributors and retailers of firearms. Besides trading in guns, it also offers services such as shooting sports. The association believes that there is more into the industry that will help in boosting the American economy.

The industry is among the fastest-growing segments in the American economy. Guns shops and stores contribute immensely in terms of taxes.

Women seeking self-protection are flooding gun shops. They are the fastest-growing consumer group of handguns. This product’s demand has raised over the past few years.

Firearms retail industry is under a revolution. From gun retail shops only selling guns to destinations where one can learn and experience how to use a gun. The sector is combining gun resell with range. The whole combination is a safe and enjoyable experience.

This new range model incorporates training classes, shooting ranges, and shooting events which makes it just fun for the consumers. It’s no longer just about the traditional retail services anymore.

The future of this industry lies in this new marketing strategy. Its has enabled the retailers to earn extra revenue from range rental. This is offered as a package to the members. They also get to learn about responsible gun ownership.

NSSF has come up with a rating program that recognizes retailers that do exemplary in this new range model. The retailers will be qualified through an on-site evaluation. So far, 34 indoor shooting ranges have won five-star ratings from the NSSF.

Shooters world won a five-star status for its 62,000 sq. Ft. in Tampa it is now opening an even more massive 74,000 sq. Ft, store in Orlando. This move raises the bar even higher to what a post-modern gun shop should be.

The founder of Honor Defense, Gary Ramey, says that Shooters World is the future of the gun retail industry.

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