• Scott Strohmeyer

The Thin Gray Line: Law Enforcement vs. Gun Rights

Since political polarization has taken hold over the last several years, many who defend and exercise their natural rights as firearm owners have come to the aid & defense of law enforcement. With the extreme anti-police stances taken by radical leftists projecting a lie about American police to the world, it's difficult not to take a stand. However we feel about the current situation, we must be careful not to fall into the current mindset of all-or-nothing politics. For gun owners in particular, that includes not blindly supporting law enforcement.

While the police are usually on the side of law and order, they are not necessarily on the side of your natural rights as codified by the 2nd Amendment.

This becomes more obvious when you examine the behavior and words of police who are decidedly against firearms ownership by Americans. Take RaShall Brackney, current chief of police for Charlottesville, Va. as an example. Although she lacked the ability to even bring stability to a university police department, someone thought it a great idea to invite her to opine about "assault weapons" on the national stage. The results were predictable, with Brackney's cringe-inducing ignorance on full display during her testimony as she called for a ban on any weapon that could be "used to hunt individuals." Taken at face value, that could mean banning nearly anything.

Unfortunately police leadership like Brackney's isn't unique to Virginia - Houston's own Art Acevedo, a California native who has been plaguing Texas law enforcement leadership since 2007, has a record of taking leftist and authoritarian positions. Happy to use his own officers misfortune to score political points, Acevedo is known for pushing an anti-gun agenda and has demonstrated a complete and utter lack of regard for people's rights. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Acevedo said “I will continue to speak up and will stand up for what my heart and my God commands me to do, and I assure you he hasn’t instructed me to believe that gun rights are bestowed by him,” (emphasis added).

It's not surprising that such damning words from police leadership anywhere, but especially in Texas, would later be deleted. But they offer a glimpse into the mind of a police chief, and by extension his officers - whether by willingness, acquiescence or threat of reprisal - when they're kicking your door in on little more than a bad tip from a junkie. This is also why "red flag" laws are a horrible idea, because they set the stage for ever-escalating and more tragic encounters with police.

This isn't to say that the "all cops are bad" crowd are right, or that they even have a point. We'd like to think that police are like Ms. Dianna Muller, the former police officer from Tulsa who steadfastly refuses to comply, but she's likely more exception than rule, especially in the city. The reality remains that if a tyrannical government decides it can violate your rights, we know it won't be the politicians doing the knocking. It'll be a stack of badges holding the very weapons they're tasked with taking.

We are being assailed from all sides, and we need everyone to sign our petition and join us in this fight. When our own law enforcement is this disrespectful of our natural rights, we have to do everything we can! Our petition sends a powerful message to lawmakers, and your membership funds our fight on all fronts, both nationally and locally. Join LSGR today, and sign our petition. Together, we will make Texas pro-gun again!

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