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Top-Ranking Uber Driver Killed In Texas Because Of Company's Anti-Gun Policy

If you ranked yourself against your colleagues or competitors, very few people would emerge among the top 2% in any industry. Hell you know it's 2% because 98% of your colleagues and competitors would fail based on specific performance indicators. It beats logic that a company would lose such a valued employee because of a pesky political issue. Unfortunately, Uber just did.

We recently covered how a Lyft employee was terminated after using a firearm to defend herself against criminal riders who ordered a taxi and tried to rob and assault an honest driver trying to make a living. Now we know the outcome of an encounter between an unarmed, law-abiding ride-sharing driver and armed criminal riders.

It seems that being terminated from her job was the least of the former Lyft driver's concerns as she would have lost her life as an unarmed Uber driver did in Dallas, Texas.

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According to Spectrum New 1, a family in Texas is grieving after losing a breadwinner who worked as an Uber driver when his productive life was cut short by criminals who ordered a ride. Unfortunately, the driver obeyed the company's policy regardless of how ridiculous it was and abstained from carrying a firearm while making Uber trips.

According to Dallas Police Department detectives, Joshua Miller, 33, was brutally murdered by a passenger in what appears to be a robbery-turned-murder. If you remember the Lyft incident, the driver was also robbed but managed to turn the tables on the criminals after drawing her pistol and firing.

While losing Joshua, who was ranked as top 2% of Uber drivers, was a colossal loss, a family that depended on the deceased lost not only their loved one but also a breadwinner.

Joshua was described as a highly positive person who prioritized the happiness of his customers. "His family says they don't want their brother to be remembered as a victim of a tragic crime, but as the funny, enthusiastic, lover of laughs they knew Miller to be," according to Spectrum News.

Joshua had completed 11,000 rides after working for the company for five years. However, his life and achievement were wiped away after he was cornered by criminals who attempted a quick grab of possibly a cellphone and a few dollars.

His family says he would make a positive situation out of red light and made his customers "laugh so badly." His dedication to his customers was recognized in 2018 when he was awarded the "Preferred Driver" title, a recognition that only 2% of Uber drivers attain.

At the heart of the issue is the ride-sharing company's anti-gun policy that Uber, just like Lyft, prohibits their employees from arming themselves when making trips.

It also turns out that Miller, despite his passion for the job, understood the job's disadvantages and discouraged his family members from working for a ride-sharing company. Even worse, the company's anti-gun policy did not make it any easier for the drivers who chose to stay.

Miller's family wants a policy change at the ride-sharing company to allow drivers to carry a firearm at work. It's also the most logical thing to do for drivers working in dangerous neighborhoods and odd hours.

However, if Uber followed Lyft's example, it's unlikely they would allow drivers to carry firearms. Consequently, drivers would likely have to choose between their lives or their jobs.


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