Trump Shows Interest in New Zealand's Mandatory Buyback Program

President Trump’s support for further infringements Second Amendment has been ongoing since taking office. While many of his supporters will rush to his defense, in yet another example of this, the President discussed New Zealand’s firearm buyback program with the country’s Prime Minister.

Ms. Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand Prime Minister said that President Trump showed great interest in the country’s buyback program. According to her, Trump “listened with interest” as she explained the recent gun reforms introduced in New Zealand in the aftermath of Christchurch shootings.

“It was a conversation around our buyback and obviously the work that we have done to remove military-style semi-automatics weapons and assault rifles,” the Prime Minister said.

The two leaders met on during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Trump has recently voiced support for universal background checks that would be impossible to enforce without a national registry. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had indicated that her and the President were close to a deal on the House-passed Bipartisan Background Checks Act, however, that bill is temporarily on hold due following Pelosi's inquiry into impeaching the President.

Evidence of Trump's legitimate support in the House bill can be found in his past gun control actions. In 2017, as part of the Omnibus Spending bill, President Trump signed the Fix NICS Act into law. “The President is supportive of efforts to improve the Federal background check system,” then-Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a press conference in early 2018.

Trump’s interest in the New Zealand buyback program comes after he had criticized Democrat Presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke after the latter proposed mandatory buyback of AR-15 and similar rifles. Later on, Trump attempted to reassure gun owners that he would ensure the protection of their rights in the event of passing the bill, however, it is impossible to protect one's rights while simultaneously stripping them away.

President Trump has been steadfastly on the side of infringing on the second amendment and infringing on people’s rights to bear arms for self-defense. Aside from the aforementioned Fix NICS Act, Trump's ATF unilaterally banned bump stocks, and the President has also called for bans on suppressors as well.

The White House has been circulating a draft proposal on gun control with the Attorney General seeking to convince Republican legislators to support the bill. Either way, it seems more infringements are coming from the Republican White House.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." The tyranny of disarming the citizenry was the final straw that led to the first shots of the American Revolution. Join LSGR today and help us put a stop to this tyranny from political elites who care nothing for our natural rights. Sign our petition against gun control, and spread the word that we will not be subjects of the government! We will not comply with their directives and edicts, and should they attempt to come and take them, we will resist. Molon Labe!

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