TX Rep. Terry Meza Files Bill Making it Illegal to Defend Your Home with a Firearm

Democrats filed a barrage of gun control bills for the upcoming legislative session in Texas. Each bill attacks the constitutionally granted rights from various angles. From the "assault weapons" ban to the universal background checks and the red flag laws, each bill intends to undermine the self-defense capabilities of Texans.

However, a very worrying piece of legislation was introduced by Irving State Representative Terry Meza. HB 196 seeks to repeal the Castle Doctrine, preventing a homeowner from using firearms to defend their property.

She believes that homeowners are too eager to pull the trigger when facing armed home invaders.

"I'm not condoning stealing, it is against the law," Meza says, "but it's not an offense that is punishable by death."

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After making the outrageous remarks, Meza complains that people accused her of being anti-second amendment.

"People are already attacking me on Facebook saying I'm against the 2nd Amendment," she says.

She clarified that homeowners would still be allowed to defend their lives, but not using firearms. Using a firearm to fight an intruder would lead to legal problems for the victim.

If Meza's bill becomes law, homeowners will be required to retreat from their homes when a criminal invades. They will be required to make sure the criminal is not hurt or face charges for defending themselves.

In Meza's view, criminals have more rights than homeowners. Still, she considers her bill to be a "common-sense" gun safety measure that would keep Americans safe.

Other offending bills introduced by Democrats include:

  • HB