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TX Rep. Terry Meza files bill to ban Campus Carry

Terry Meza (D - 105th District) is one of the few pockets of leftism left in Texas. Now she wishes to turn our higher learning institutions into mass shooters' paradise.

Meza filed House Bill 201 that would ban campus carry, leaving our higher learning institutions vulnerable to mass shooting incidents. Meza naively believes that hanging "no guns allowed" signs would prevent criminals from carrying firearms into our campuses.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed S.B. 11, commonly referred to as the "campus carry" law, on June 1, 2015. The law allows licensed gun owners to carry concealed carry firearms within university campuses. However, universities have limited authority to regulate firearms, mostly regarding storage, restriction of specific areas, and concealment methods.

The law also prohibits open carry and requires a permit, making it a crime to possess firearms without a license. Individuals must also be above 21 years to bear firearms within universities' campuses. The University of Texas estimates that about 1% of its students are armed.

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Over the years, schools have become easy targets for armed criminals because students, teachers, and visitors are unarmed. Such places assure the criminals that they have the upper hand and achieve the highest numbers of casualties before anybody confronts them.

Unlike schools, universities have been spared from this mayhem because of guaranteed armed response from students, professors, staff, and visitors. Meza now wishes to upset this balance of power and give criminals an upper hand.

Since Abbott signed campus carry into law, Democrats have fought hard to repeal or undermine the law. In 2019, Reps Vikki Goodwin and Rafael Anchia sponsored House bills 1236 and 1173 to allow public higher learning institutions to withdraw from campus carry.

However, every challenge to the law fails to provide evidence that campus carry threatens the safety of our higher learning institutions.


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