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Virginia Lobby Day Venue Allocated To A Gun Control Group

The Virginia Lobby Day rally that takes place in January every year won't proceed as planned after a gun control group applied and was suspiciously granted the venue.

Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) President Phillip Van Cleave said that his organization had always applied for the venue six months in advance for 17 years and received approvals except for this year. This year, Van Cleave tried to apply for the usual 11 a.m. slot but was told that the only 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. remained.

Van Cleave says that the Virginia Center for Public Safety gun control group applied more than a year in advance. According to Van Cleave, the application was contrary to the application guidelines given to him by a state Department of General Services employee. He said he once tried applying a year in advance and was told that applications made more than six months ahead would not be accepted.

"VCDL was told years ago that an application to use the Bell Tower for an event more than six months out would not even be accepted," Van Cleave wrote. "We have followed that rule, booked six months out, and gotten the 11 am slot for 17 years."

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It makes perfect sense to deny applications made more than six months in advance because many parameters could change during that time. However, it's suspicious why the gun control group was allowed to make the application more than twice the time allowed.

Van Cleave called the incident proof of the double standards applied by anti-gun authorities. Consequently, VCDL will organize four major caravans on January 18, 2021, in Richmond, where the Senate would be meeting.

"If the Governor and the Democrats in the General Assembly want to play games in order to suppress our right to free speech, then we'll play a game of our own: it's called #Rolling4the2A, and this they can't stop," the organizers said.

Evidently, games were played to lock VCDL out of the venue. This is because the remaining slots were filled with progressive groups such as Progress Virginia (a gun control group) and Care in Action, both applying on January 17, 2020, just three days after Virginia Center for Public Safety applied. Similarly, New Virginia Majority, another progressive group, applied on January 19, 2020, and was approved.

It's too much of a coincidence that all these applications were submitted within the same window and successfully approved. It's sad that the anti-gun administration in Virginia resorts to cheap tactics just to undermine the constitutional rights of the residents.


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