Wauwatosa Mayor Disappointed That The Mall Shooter Ignored "Gun Free" Signs

Wauwatosa mayor was disappointed that the assailant who shot and injured eight people refused to obey the "gun free" zone signs at Mayfair Mall. Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis R. McBride described the community as safe and vibrant, where guns have no place in public places. He said that if the shooter had obeyed the gun laws, nobody would have been hurt.

"Guns have no place in shopping malls or other places in which crowds of people gather. Mayfair has a strict no-gun policy. If the shooter had complied with that policy, no one would have been hurt yesterday," McBride's statement read.

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The suspect was described as a white male in his 20s or 30s. he managed to escape before local and federal officers arrived at the scene to secure the area. The injured shoppers were said to be recovering well and were expected to survive.

Eyewitnesses said that the shooter fired several rounds before reloading and firing again. This implies that the shooter did not use a "high capacity" magazine, but was able to reload and continue shooting.

"It paused, and when it paused, that's probably when the person reloaded, and it started all over again, and then it stopped," an eyewitness told WISN 12.

The mayor promised to keep those who live in his city safe. We hope he is not thinking of expanding the gun free zones hoping to keep criminals out.

"The City and Mayfair are committed to ensuring that all who live in and visit Wauwatosa will remain safe."

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