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Wendy Davis Wants To Ban Handguns, Other Firearms In Texas

Wendy Davis is the poster child for every horrendous policy that the radical the Left endorses. She benefits from the support of abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List. She was the preferred candidate of the Left, endorsed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Wendy does not like the Second Amendment rights and now wants to take your guns away.

“Republicans offer their prayers; some offer up the idea of focusing our attention on mental health; almost none of them mention guns,” Davis said in 2015. “Democrats talk background checks, magazine limits, closing the gun-show loophole and, ultimately, get exasperated.”

However, being in the most gun-friendly state, she now disguises her anti-gun agenda using various code words, such as “common-sense gun safety.” Wendy hasn’t openly endorsed Joe Biden. However, this is a ploy to hoodwink voters in Fort Worth to forget her support for the violation of their Second Amendment rights. She even opposes the open carry of handguns in Texas.

While running for governor in 2014, she was forced to support open carry hypocritically, hoping to get elected and later switch her position. After failing, she couldn’t hide disdain for open carry.

“And, yet during my 2014 gubernatorial campaign in Texas, I supported the open carry of handguns in my state,” said Davis. “It is a position that haunts me.”

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Wendy is a trojan horse for the Left and a strategic candidate in the Left’s plan to flip Texas House and enact liberal policies that have failed in every liberal city. Texans should be wary of unwittingly voting for the leftist candidate who will turn Texas into anti-gun Virginia or a crime-ridden liberal hovel where residents are leaving in droves.

Davis says that she opposes the “proliferation of handgun violence.” She wants to ban handguns and leave Texans unarmed to confront bad guys with a gun. She works closely with anti-gun organizations such as BrandyPAC, which call for a total ban on the manufacture, importation, sale, or possession of firearms. She also wants common firearms used in self-defense banned.

She supports the violation of the constitution by undermining the District of Columbia v Heller ruling that established that Americans have the right to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Democrats wish to repeal the act through Supreme Court packing and filling it with Leftist judges. These judges would disregard the constitution and use their positions for political purposes.

Davis does not support the rights of Texans to own firearms for self-defense. Instead, she supports leftist BLM rioters and Antifa terrorists, some armed with illegal weapons, to protest and ransack Democrat-run cities such as Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle in the name of social justice. Unsurprisingly, that’s why democrat cities occupy the top 18 out of the 20 most violent cities. If she’s elected, she will support the anarchy and lawlessness we witness by enacting laws that prevent the police from doing their jobs.

Davis plans to enact “universal background checks,” a code word for a de-facto gun registry. She also openly says she would push for a “ban the sale of military assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines.” Such laws deny law-abiding gun owners from obtaining firearms while doing nothing to stop the actual criminals.

Wendy is a proxy for the ideology that promotes the murder of our children and prevents law-abiding Americans from defending themselves from dangerous armed criminals.


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