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Wow! Man receives ticket for Pro-Gun Sticker!

A Tennessee man has is fighting a citation he received from a Sumner County sheriff over his anti-gun control sticker on his truck. Nicholas Ennis says that he has been driving with the sticker on for over a year without any problems. The County deputy sheriff issued him the citation on the grounds that the sticker was obscene, claiming that it spells the “F” word.

The sticker features an M-16 at the beginning and an AK-47 at the end making out the letters U and C and the words Gun Control.

Mr. Ennis encountered the deputy sheriff at Mapco in Westmoreland where the deputy pulled him over because of potentially obscene language that the sticker displayed. Mr. Ennis, however, indicated that the sticker does not spell any offensive words and protests the spelling on the ticket that spells differently from what it appears on his sticker.

“I think my First Amendment rights have been violated because it’s not spelled out like he said on the ticket,” Ennis said. Ennis claimed that the deputy was trying to take his rights away and indicated that America was no longer free as it used to be.

“We should have the right to express our opinions, and the freedom of speech and they’re trying to take it away. American ain’t free no more,” Ennis added.

Sam Monaghan, Ennis friend displays a similar sticker on his truck and is opposed to the infringement of freedom of speech against second amendment supporters. “People express their opinion about not having guns, well, I want guns, and I want more of them, and I will get more of them, and I’ll get them legally,” He said.

Many similar cases have ended in favor of the accused or thrown out of court due to the provision of freedom of speech. These include the Cohen v. California (1971) where the court ruled that the constitution protected such displays and Dillon Shane Webb case, which the court threw out on similar grounds. However, this case comes as a no surprise considering the renewed efforts to infringe on the 2A. Mr. Ennis has promised to fight the citation in court.

This sort of behavior by law enforcement is absolutely unacceptable. While Lone Star Gun Rights' main focus is on gun rights, it is our belief that this natural right is essential to preserving and defending all of our natural rights, including the right to free speech. Obscene language is not grounds for any offense, be it criminal or civil.

Join our fight today by becoming an LSGR member. Every dollar we raise goes to fund our fight against any and all violations of our right to bear arms. Lt. Gov. Patrick has been calling for universal background checks, and he is not up for reelection until after next legislative session. You can help send him a crystal clear message by having us send him a postcard for just $5! Also, be sure to sign our petition as well! Let's make sure that Texas becomes pro-gun again in 2021!

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