Ken (Boots) Murphy
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Age.:59. Former Millitary Contractor & High level Security contractor. Love My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Love My Wife & Family. And I Love this Country. Currently Dissabled. I don't buy that. I am a HUGE FAN of the Remington Model 700. My Colt .45ACP 1911 and the help of Bill Wilson, founder wilson combat. Glock & Sig Suar, Larue, Chey-Tec, McMillin, I am Forever Greatful to a man. My Mentor I will not repeat his name in this venue. But he is a Life time member of 1st(SFOD-D). The best of the best. I am Privaliged to have known Him. I love to learn. and that is why I asked if I may join this group. Thank you All. Respectfully: Boots Murphy.