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When people survive a violent crime, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My passion for firearms stems from a need to feel safe in my own world after an intruder invaded the sanctity of my home. Thinking back to the years after the incident, I can recall the sleepless nights, repeatedly checking to see if the windows and doors were locked. Checking them 10 times in one night wasn’t enough. When medication and therapy didn’t result in a feeling of “security”, I turned to a different solution.

Learning to use a firearm for self-defense was the absolute game-changer in my life. When you are victimized, you lose your power and self-confidence. Along with my faith in Jesus Christ, firearms have shaped the person I am today.

Born and raised in Texas, I’m an avid hunter, paralegal and writer. Currently, I reside in Houston, Texas with my family and work at U.S. LawShield as the Director of HunterShield.